Supply Chain Management

With Supply Chain Management we focus on core competencies and become more flexible.

Due to our footprint across the supply chain we segregate the different streams and operate each of them individually so to perfect and maximize the results but doing so from a Holistic approach.


Risk Management

Identification, measurement & management of the risks

As Traders, We understand that controlling risk is immanent to a traders business strategy. As such, we can provide various tools and consultancy services in the financial/Market risk sector.


Shipping & Chartering

Boost productivity with Agromond’s Freight department.

The group’s inhouse Shipping entity acts as an independent non inhouse exclusive charterer, dedicated to optimizing in house freights as well as operating out-house for third parties. The synergy between both sectors are entwined but each still maintain a standalone performance target.


Global Footprint

Lemarc Agromond believes in creating value in all sectors of the supply chain in which we are engaged, thus creating inhouse inter-sectorial synergy as well as reducing its overall portfolio risks.

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