We carefully select reliable and successful farmers, cooperatives, and crushing facilities with whom we can create long term mutually beneficial relationships so that we can supply our customers with the quantity and quality of commodities that meet their rigid specifications. Before any commodities are supplied to any customer they are tested and analyzed to meet the high standard of quality that AGROMOND is known for supplying.

Our mission is to cost effectively originate agricultural commodities and their respective by-products from crushing facilities, from farmers and cooperatives worldwide and to timely deliver those commodities to locations designated by our customers. We trade and export agricultural commodities and their respective crushing by-products in bulk, container and tanker. We can originate and deliver agricultural commodities that have specific logistical or commercial requirements including commodities with custom product specifications that require segregation and preservation such as GMO free soybeans and corn and their respective crush by-products.



Corn - GMO & Non GMO

Soybeans - GMO & Non GMO

Cotton seeds



Animal Feed

Soybean Meal GMO & Non GMO

Peanut Meal

Cotton Seed


Vegetable Oil

Crude Degummed Soybean Oil

Palm Oil

Sunflower Oil

Peanut Oil