The Group

  • Our Trading group is a solution oriented non-inhouse exclusive supply chain manager, targeting the midsize market which is left out of global consolidation, focused on niche operations and high added value requirements within the agribusiness and Energy sectors. We operate with the highest standards of Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

The Team

  • Our team is formed of highly experienced, multi-local and multi-cultural world class professionals dedicated in finding where is it our group can add value, by identifying specific costumers needs around the world and creating tailor made operations from different origins to answer precisely our clients’ requests down to minor details.

Global Footprint

  • The company’s lean global footprint, allows us utilize our multinational knowledge and enquiries efficiently, understanding that globalization and the speed of information must have an impact on decision making which is key in standing out in today’s markets.
Our Business Lines

Our Services

We participate in each of the below segments and do so for the purpose of achieving the diversification required, to create inhouse intersectoral synergy and a holistic supply chain equilibrium.

Diversified Physical Trading

Shipping and Chartering

Risk Management Services

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Group Trading Highlights

Total Trade 2016-17
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Total Trade 2017-18 - Projected
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Group Sales Highlights

2016 - 17

Group Sales Highlights

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2017 - 18

Group Sales Highlights (Projected)

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