About The Group

Lemarc Agromond believes in creating value in all sectors of the supply chain in which we are engaged, thus creating inhouse inter-sectorial synergy as well as reducing its overall portfolio risks.


Shipping & Chartering

Agromond’s Freight department is non-exclusive to Agromond’s traders. It operates as a an independent profit-center. The Shipping team is based in Dubai but offers its expert services and worldwide. Its fast expanding team is headed by Thomas Pagonis who has over 30 years of experience in Shipping and Chartering.

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Risk Management

We have a clear focus on identification, measurement & management of the risks facing our business, including credit, operational & market risks. Our Hedging desk is part of the group’s Risk Management System is very tightly monitored.

Risk Management Policy:

Which is a guide with set of rules that covers various aspects like customer KYC, Sanctioned Geography check, vessel monitoring, Trader guidelines when dealing with their customers, taking positions etc.

Risk Management System:

This is a platform whose primary purpose is to control pricing and currency risks. This platform uses sophisticated tools to hedge the pricing and currency risks (More about this platform explained in the next slide)


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Global Footprint

Our company’s global footprint allows us utilize our multinational knowledge and enables us to have a better understanding of globalization and the importance of the speed of information’s impact on decision making which is key in standing out in today’s markets.

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Getting Trade Done Right

With a dedicated Chartering and Risk Management teams on board, we are in full control of our logistics and Risk. We operate with the highest standards of Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

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